In Solidarity with our friends in Appalachia


Join the activism in Appalachia. Come to Kentucky and join Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Ohio Valley Environment Coalition, in celebrating the beauty of mountains and activism in the I LOVE MOUNTAINS DAY on -- when else- Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013 in Frankfort, Kentucky.
Join the many activists who say no to mountain top removal (MTR) mining, and yes to loving mountains and respecting Mother Earth

The Feminist Task Force, together with their partners at the Loretto Community, will stand in solidarity with OVEC, Kentuckians and the women, men and children of Appalachia in promoting the beauty of the mountains over the barren, moonscape raping of the land caused by MTR and other forms of mining. I Love Mountains Day is an annual tradition of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and friends who gather to honor the mountains and the people who fight to save them from mining, to lobby for the mountains and the mountain communities and to march to the Kentucky state capitol. 

For more information on how you can get involved, see I Love Mountains Day.  For more information on the Feminist Task Force's Women and Gender Climate Justice Tribunal in Appalachia, download our Appalachia report or watch a video of the event at:

For more information on the Feminist Task Force and the Women's Tribunals on Gender Justice, go to or click to contact us.